Drug Testing

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Why conduct a Drug Test?

Drug tests help employers screen candidates for drug abuse issues before they're hired. Many companies have strict rules against using drugs as a company policy because they can create a dangerous and unstable working environment.

Some state and federal laws expressly require establishment owners to maintain drug-free workplaces. Employers establish drug testing to comply with these laws. If an employee is discovered to have caused trouble while conducting business because of the effects of substance abuse, the government may hold the company or business accountable for the employee’s actions if sound drug testing is not in place. In this case, a drug test is a preventive measure for employers to avoid lawsuits.

We do our best to make the process as smooth and convenient for the candidate by selecting a nearby testing facility and providing them with a pass that they need to provide when they arrive. 

The most common type of test that we request is a 10-panel urine screening test. The sample collected will go through a two-tiered testing process at the laboratory. The initial screening is performed on one portion of the specimen and is designed to rapidly differentiate negative specimens from those that need additional testing, on a different portion of the specimen, to confirm the outcome.

What type of substances are detected?

The test will detect the following:

  • Amphetamines, 
  • Barbiturates, 
  • Benzodiazepines,
  • Cocaine, 
  • Marijuana, 
  • MDMA (ecstasy) and its metabolite, 
  • Methadone, 
  • Opiates, 
  • Oxycodone, 
  • Phencyclidine (PCP) and propoxyphene, 
  • Synthetic cannabinoids (“K2/Spice”)
  • Synthetic stimulants (“Bath Salts”).

We also have tests designed specifically for the Department of Transportation (DOT), which are limited to the following five substances:

  • Marijuana 
  • Cocaine 
  • Opioids
  • Amphetamines/methamphetamines
  • Phencyclidine

How long does it take for results?

Once the candidate completes their screening appointment and provides a sample, the average turnaround time for results is under 3 days. 

How long does a candidate have to take the Drug Test?

Unless specified, the amount of time that an applicant has to visit a testing facility is 7 days. If you would like to provide additional time for a candidate, please let us know! You can chat with us or submit a ticket through our support center.

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